Health Trends

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Health Trends


According to the data presented by the latest researches, there are many changes in health trends. Although the health sector is a sector that changes more slowly than other sectors, it is seen that innovations are experienced in health trends with the pandemic process. In addition to the innovations in the field of medicine and additional supplements, digital developments are observed. With the development of personalized medicine, technological innovations and health awareness, new health trends reach remarkable levels.

Obesity Awareness

The obesity problem, which is among the most common health problems in many countries, has reached high levels with the pandemic epidemic. According to health trends research, the proportion of those who are satisfied with their weight has decreased from 83 percent to 45 percent. The increase in weight gain due to inactivity and irregular nutrition due to closures during the pandemic process causes an increase in the rate of chronic diseases. With this development, awareness of obesity is increasing and interest in healthy nutrition and therapeutic vitamin supplements is increasing.

Giving Importance To Personal Care

The most effective innovation that came into our lives with the global pandemic process was to give importance to personal care at home. It has been determined that people pay more attention to hand and body cleaning, especially with the recent epidemic. Despite the recently reduced pandemic requirements, many people still continue their personal care habits. It is observed that those who do not want to go out with this process prefer to receive the services they will receive at home when they are sick or for care. This led to the birth of a new industry. With the home care service, which is among the most trendy health services in recent times, especially the elderly can easily access many care, beauty and medicine services.

Importance Of Heart Health

The most striking health trend in the data obtained in line with the researches was the importance given to heart health. When it comes to heart health, it was determined that people did not delay their controls and were in contact with their doctors without delaying the necessary examinations. According to 2019 data, while the number of people who went to the necessary heart examination was 16 percent, this rate increased to 27 percent in 2021.

Technological Developments

With the recent global pandemic, people do not want to go to the hospital for simple diseases. With digital health technologies that are effectively taking their place among health trends, patients want to receive telehealth services remotely to go to the hospital for their simple ailments. Individuals who do not want to go out, especially with the pandemic process, demand to receive health services through mobile messaging or digital imaging with doctors, with the increase in awareness of technological developments. It is noteworthy that online health consultation and therapy services have become a trend in the online pharmacy service health care system.

Dental Health Awareness

One of the most popular health trends is dental health. After the researches, the rate of those who never go to the dentist is decreasing. Individuals who became aware of the effect of dental health on their general health began to pay more attention to their oral and dental health. According to the researches made by experts, it is suggested that there is a connection between heart health and dental health.