Why Is Türkiye More Affordable Than Other Countries?

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Why Is Türkiye More Affordable Than Other Countries?


One of the most important factors for the formation of a healthy society and maintaining a quality life is the use of drugs. People can intervene in the health problems they experience due to genetic or environmental factors, thanks to drugs, and they can lead a quality life. Even cancer, one of the most difficult diseases of the age, has a solution thanks to oncology drugs. Developed countries provide a healthy and long life to their citizens thanks to their drug policies. While the treatment of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and other diseases is done by drugs, people's health and happy life ensure the continuity of the pharmaceutical industry. Turkey is among the lucky countries in the pharmaceutical industry. While the volume of drug production increases with privatization, it is possible to find drugs cheaply because it has many advantages. Turkey is among the developed countries in the field of production, distribution and export with the support of the private sector and the state.

World Generic Drug Market

Generic drugs are drugs that contain chemicals in a simpler structure compared to biological drugs and are produced with reference to the original drug structure. Generic drugs, known as equivalent drugs in the social sphere, are defined as products that have the same properties as the original drugs, provide the same effect on the patient, and are offered to the market after the patent expiration of the original drugs. The generic drug market constitutes about a quarter of the world pharmaceutical industry. In order for generic drugs to be offered for sale in the market, they must have the same biological values ​​as the original drugs. The control of generic drugs is carried out by the FDA in the USA, the European Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Evaluation Administration EMEA in the European Union and the Ministry of Health in Turkey. The widespread production of generic drugs will not only increase the number of drugs, but also reduce the increasing treatment costs and facilitate the access of patients to drugs. This situation paves the way for cheaper drug prices in Turkey.

Pharmaceutical Industry In Turkey

The pharmaceutical industry in Turkey has grown considerably since the beginning of the 1990s. Within the scope of the policies implemented by the state, the state's withdrawal from the supply of drugs to public hospitals, the closure of the SSK pharmaceutical factory and the implemented drug policies led to an increase in the efficiency of the private sector in drug production. With these developments in the private sector, Turkey has started to make a name for itself in the global pharmaceutical industry. With these developments, the profitability of companies operating in the health, medicine and pharmaceutical sectors has also improved. Although the use and production of original drugs is at the forefront in Turkey, there is also the use of generic drugs at a level that cannot be ignored. In addition to the supply chain carried out in accordance with the standards within the scope of good distribution practices, the presence of a comprehensive pharmaceutical storage area and the execution of parallel trade activities contribute to the development of Turkey in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the creation of pharmaceutical brands, studies for new developments in the field of OTC also support the development of pharmaceutical wholesale in Turkey.

Why Are Drugs Cheap In Turkey?

Thanks to the developments and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry, Turkey has made a name for itself in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals throughout the world and is among the world-renowned companies. The reasons why drugs are cheap in Turkey compared to many other countries are;

  • With the depreciation of TL due to the exchange rate difference between European countries, drug prices in Turkey become cheaper than in European countries.
  • The fact that talented and expert people throughout the country make innovations in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and drugs with proven effects are produced thanks to the reliability of the production stage.
  • The country does not have a problem of young and working population in terms of labor force.
  • The fact that Turkey does not experience raw material and supply problems due to its geopolitical position also affects the prices of drugs.
  • Recently, the government's supportive policy to develop the pharmaceutical industry and the development of the private sector and the increase in the production network also make the prices of drugs in Turkey cheaper.