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Pharmananda - Chemicals Wholesaler
Pharmananda - Chemicals Wholesaler
About Us

Şekerlisoy Holding was established in 1987 and operates in six main areas pharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy, gastronomy, tourism, and real estate. The pharmaceutical and healthcare investments consist of two private hospitals with a capacity of 410 beds, one dialysis center, one medical company, two pharmaceutical warehouses, one foreign trade company, and one domestic company in the field of life science and analytical chemistry.

The real estate investment portfolio comprises thirteen pioneering projects with over 1,000 independent units, totaling a stock value of 100 million USD. In tourism, the holding operates a chain of hotels across eleven locations with a capacity of over 3,500 beds and achieving 99% customer satisfaction, along with three beach clubs and one water sports center.

The energy division includes a 320,000 m2 solar energy field producing 16 MW. Regarding gastronomy, the holding owns twenty-four restaurants with a combined capacity of 3,000 people, which will be opened in Mersin, Istanbul, and abroad.

Şekerlisoy Holding adheres to strong communication, fast, and solution-oriented approaches as guiding principles in its interactions with solution partners, stakeholders, and customers over its 37-year history.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Development Group within Şekerlisoy Holding has been operating since 2010 on its journey to develop turnkey real estate projects with brand value, high quality standards, creative concepts, and the highest level of customer satisfaction. The Holding has produced and continues to produce branded residences in many cities, either by realizing projects under its own roof, as the landowner party of construction contracts in return for flats, or by participating in joint structures. These projects include Athena Loft, Athena Panorama, Athena Residence, Athena Premium, Poyraz Konakları I and II, Bodrum Dibekli Han, Truva Hotel, Poseidon Site, Poyraz Deniz Evleri, Athena Nixie, Mersin Resort by Athena and Elazığ Konakları. In addition to the Holding's branded projects in different cities of the country, agricultural lands, commercial areas and buildings, land plots, hotels and factories constitute the Holding's field of activity. The Holding aims to complete the establishment of the Real Estate Investment Fund by the end of 2025; with the establishment of the REIF, it plans to transfer its entire portfolio to the investment fund and continue on its way as a REIF operating in the field of real estate.


The Holding started its tourism investments with the 75-bed capacity Truva Hotel, located in the Sultan Bay region of Mersin, built with the concept of accessible vacation experience. Şekerlisoy Holding continued its investments in the tourism sector with the 440-bed capacity Athena Suits Hotel located on a 10,000 m2 area. Athena Hotel, the second investment in the rapidly growing tourism sector in the Mersin region, was built with the contributions of world-renowned architects and designers. Athena Suits Hotel is a complex consisting of 3 restaurants and bars, pools and aquaparks located in its own private bay. The license for the 3000-bed capacity Mersin Resort by Athena project, which will make a difference in the region and is equipped with various facilities such as 3 beach clubs, 14 restaurants and a riding club, was obtained in 2023. The 400-bed 5-star hotel within the Mersin Resort by Athena project is planned to serve under the umbrella of a global brand within the scope of franchise agreements. The Holding is on its way to become permanent with its investments planned with the understanding that our home is your home and its goal of high service quality in this sector.

Health & Science

Şekerlisoy Holding has extensive investments in the field of health and science. The health and science investments consist of two private hospitals with a capacity of 410 beds, one dialysis center, one medical company, two pharmaceutical warehouses, one foreign trade company, and one domestic company in the field of life science and analytical chemistry.

2 Private Hospitals, (with a capacity of 410 beds)

1 Dialysis Center, (with a capacity of 180 Patients during a day)

1 Medical Company,

2 Pharmaceutical Warehouses, (with a store of 14.000m2)

1 Life Science & Analytical Chemistry Foreign Trade Company,

1 Life Science & Analytical Chemistry Domestic Company

Pharmananda is a foreign trade company serving in the field of Life Science and Analytical Chemistry under the umbrella of Şekerlisoy Holding.

Pharmananda is an import-export company that aims to comprehensively meet the needs of the sector, especially cell culture, genes, kits, biology & biochemistry, biotechnology, reference standards, laboratory chemicals and devices, chromatography products and raw materials.

Pharmananda, which has gathered many brands and product groups under one roof, moves forward with a mission that prioritizes customer satisfaction with both product quality and international technical support services while closely following developing technologies.

We, as Pharmananda are committed to making Pharmananda your first and your last call for distribution and supply of branded chemicals.



Şekerlisoy Holding's Athena Yapı, which has its roots dating back to 1986 and is the real estate arm of the company, initiated its real estate investments for the first time in 2011 with the construction process of its own tourism facilities and build-sell residential projects. Since its establishment, Athena Yapı has embraced the mission of providing accessible luxury and comprehensive living in all the projects it has realized and continues. Athena Gastronomi, a subsidiary providing services in the fields of build-sell, accommodation, and facility management, joined in 2023 to offer dining experiences.

Athena Gastronomi will meet guests for the first time with a total of 6 service points in its own facilities and with Athena Port investment on a 32,000 m2 seafront land in the Tömük region in 2024.

As part of Şekerlisoy Holding's vision 2030 goals, Athena Gastronomi aims to grow steadily over the years and provide services in 28 service points by 2030, with a dining capacity of 3000 people and 2500 sunbeds.

Athena Gastronomi, with its innovative investments by Şekerlisoy Holding in the Mediterranean region's dining category, has set itself the vision of being the regional leader while always embodying a company culture that goes beyond the ordinary.